Got kicked off of ChaCha... aww shucks.

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October 4, 2010 8:19pm CST
Haha, I just got kicked off of ChaCha with little to no explanation of why. If you don't know, ChaCha is this amazing site that I've made a little over $500 on in the past 4 or 5 months (which is sweet! Or WAS sweet, rather, huh?). Anyway, I don't know if it was because of poor quality ratings (I don't know why I had been doing badly lately, according to the graders) or if it was because I was relatively new and on the "first to cut" list once business dropped a little. Seriously, no explanation was given. I guess I don't really care.. The only thing that sucks is that I made a good amount off of that per month - WAY more than ANY other site that I had ever been on. It's a text-to-internet answering job, if that makes any sense, meaning that you essentially answer questions for 10+ cents apiece - but it adds up! Perhaps I should go over to KGB since ChaCha fired me.. I'm in a little bit of a panic because I've been paying my tuition bill with my ChaCha money every month, and there's no way I could make the money I did working on doing surveys and PTC sites and the like..Just no way. And now I probably won't be able to afford to pay the tuition bill (which has already been sent to collections like 8 times. haha). Anyway, have you ever been "fired" from an online job? And for what reason? Or have you had some kind of drop-in-pay at your real job that might cause you problems in paying your bills? Ii'm super concerned about this now! Any advice you could give me would help.
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5 Oct 10
I know this feeling well, but not from an online job but off-line and it was hard. Have you contacted admin for a least a bit of explanation. As you would not want to carry the same situation to yet the other site you mentioned. Good luck as I know that the loss of earnings will put you in a bit of a bind, so keep searching and you may get lucky again.