Can an exodus of overseas workers reshape a country's future?

October 4, 2010 11:56pm CST
I think it can even if the recruited migrant worker has a signed contract up to what year he finishes his contract.He can come back to the country when his employer needs his expertise.Of course his plans would also be change by applying a citizenship in the country where he works by naturalization.Then,he plans his family could be petitioned to come with him in the country.How many migrant workers does these scenarios?You can not count them with your two hands and two feet,but much much more than you can ever imagine.By this influx of people,it is like an invasion to the country in its population growth.It has some sort of effect to the host country.How about you my friends,what do you think could be the effects of an exodus of workers?
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@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
8 Oct 10
Perhaps the only result of the exodus is a higher average income for workers in a certain sector of industry That seems to improve the overall quality of life of dependents and bread winner themselves ... The local companies and industries will seem to always have available manpower since those who filled-up these positions are either employees who do not choose to go abroad or have found a suitable alternative to a socially-compromised lifestyle as an OFW ... What do you think ?
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• Philippines
9 Oct 10
Thank you very much for the response.I have emphasize the word migrant worker to another country and that he was given another contract so he must take also his family from where he came from with the aid of his employer,then he might apply for an immigrant visa and renounce his citizenship.He has a good life where he is employed so why go back to the previous country where he has little hope of growing economically.Now what do you think would happened to the host country in the near future.I think you got my point already.