do you oven feel as the out cast in your family ?

United States
October 5, 2010 7:36am CST
as long as i can remember i often felt like an outcast in the family, not so much the black sheep. but when my family memember comes up a idea of doing things as a family everyone is all for it, as soon as i come up with something all i hear is complaining about it, how its going to be to hard. like my dad sold his house, and i wanted me and brothers and sister go have our pictures taken up there on the steps, and someone had one of us on the steps when we were younger, never happen. i wanted a once a month get together because my wife side does it every month. but my family didnt want to do that either. to me my family always have excuses why they cant do something when it comes to me, and when they ask for help i am suppose to drop everything i am doing for them. of course when i ask yeah complaining and we got to do it on thier time. my brother came up with the idea of a family vaction next year, but i told them i have plans for nashville for my music and upstate for my wife and i hear how we shouldnt do them. now i dont want to talk to them or spend time with them. to me it dont matter. but i hear we're family. yeah if we are why i am treated different ? of course no answer my brother and his wife tells what i should and shouldnt eat because of my sugar what get me i lost weight and they are still fat a$$.. sick of them trying to change me and run my life. not willing to do whatever i want to do. but i am always suppose to give in to them. i had enough after all these years of them being rude. me and my wife cant speak because someone always talk over us. i bet if i start telling who ever to shut the hell up they might get the point how would you feel and handle this
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@MAllen400 (830)
5 Oct 10
hi are you the youngest of the family by any chance? I believe in family get togethers and try to make sure my family all gettogether every month to 6 weeks as your wifes family does. It would be tempting to be unavailable for a couple of weeks and see if that brings a difference. I do know that outcast feeling - after my DAD passed away my Mum and brother took me to a house that we had bought. Years later I realised how much planning must have gone into that and how I had been left out. It did all change though when I had children. I would handle it by saying my wife and me and doing such and such for a whileand see what happens. good luck
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@vandana7 (68959)
• India
5 Oct 10
Hi syankee, my extended family was worse! I stopped contacts completely about a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday one of my uncles was in hospital. I was in dilemma. I told dad not to go because we have more peace in our now. This morning he left the house to go to hospital, but changed his mind, and returned. You cant believe what relief I am experiencing. There is no point in struggling with relationships, when they no longer make sense or when it is a one-sided stuff.
5 Oct 10
I somewhat agree but what if something had happened to your Uncle and your Dad didnt see him. would he always regret it as you would not have another chance and it would not matter who was rigt or wrong.
@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
5 Oct 10
dear syankee, do whatever you have planned (your wife and yourself). it came first didnt it? unless you think that your wife and yourself will enjoy the get together then you can change your previous plan. they cant dictate what you want to do. have a wonderful day. ann