What services do you prefer at the beauty salon?

October 5, 2010 2:06pm CST
I like beauty salons a lot but they're too expensive for me to do everything I'd like. So I usually do my own wax and nails and go to a salon every other month for professional brow shaping, leg and bikini wax, manicure and pedicure. Next month I'll also try for the first time airbrush makeup. How about you? What do you usually do at the salon?
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@IoanaBI (494)
• Romania
5 Oct 10
Hello! I rarely go to a beauty salon. I went two times to have my eyebrows shaped, but after it was easy to maintain them. I use the epilator removing the unwanted hair :) from everywhere. My pediqure is made by me, and the same with the hand neil. However, i do go and take advantage of the professinal manicure and hair design when special events are hapening, like going to weddings, reunions, etc
• Greece
5 Oct 10
I only recently started going, I used to consider beauty salons a huge waste of money but when I found good deals through group sales sites, I gave them a shot. I like them a lot, the only reason I don't go more often in the financial issue.
@redberry (178)
• Philippines
6 Nov 10
I go to my favorite spa once a month. It's just a way for me to treat myself. I have a foot spa, full body massage and then manicure & pedicure. I know it is expensive but I feel very relaxed after I go visit the spa. It's nice to feel fresh and beautiful once in a while. it reminds me that I'm not just a mom I'm also a woman...
@swissheart (6486)
• Romania
3 Nov 10
first of all i go every month to cut my hair...I coul;dn't do this on my own, second to dye it..as it is very difficult and I don't want to risk to get a color that I don't like. I like sometimes to go and get a facial treatment. I know a girl who's really good at it and I like to visist her from time to time to get a treat
• Philippines
12 Oct 10
Hi, I rarely go to the salon after I gave birth.Before,I regularly cut and style my hair,manicure,pedicure and hair rebonding every 6 months. But now,it is too costly,I bought a manicuring set so I can do it on my own,my hair grows longer with out any treatment,no time to go to salon and I would rather save my money for my baby.But now,I am planning to have a whole body massage to relax.
@Wizzywig (7859)
5 Oct 10
Never been to a beauty salon in my life (which is probably blatantly obvious) I have more important demands on my money. But, all power to those that do.