How should apples look like when bought?

October 6, 2010 12:12am CST
For decades, Filipinos have associated apples with Christmas it colonial mentality but this temperate fruit has created its own local myth based partly on its scarcity and price .unfortunately, the borderless nature of today’s world economy has made apples more common and inexpensive. Thus, it’s safe to say that it is gradually losing the aura of exclusivity it has acquired through the decades—at least in the Philippines. Anyway, I just wonder how should apples look like when bought? We know that apples doesn’t come merely from our place. They’re imported and for sure they’re stored for quite some time and its crisp and freshness is at stake plus chemicals to preserve them are inherent. Do you have some ideas in mind?
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@Jagokonte (123)
• Greece
6 Oct 10
Apples like all fruits may have small dots in the outside (epidermis) which is actually good because most of the times it is caused by natural friendly microorganisms which indicates that the apple wasn't sprayed with some chemical. This is a paradox because the more flawless an apple is in the market the more chances are it is not chemical free. The apple should be hard, smell lot when cut, and must have good color depending the variety.
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