Mozilla Firefox Vs Opea Turbo

@Rasorr (269)
October 6, 2010 3:12am CST
I Used both the browsers out of them I find all time best from them is the Mozilla Firefox, Only opera is good in Turbo feature and sometime it loads pages faster than mozilla But otherwise the Mozilla is the Best one!! Mozilla Firefox Rocks!!!!!!!!!
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
7 Oct 10
You may be too passionate on Firefox. As they say it love can blind a person. Currently Opera is my default browser. I started using Opera in 2000 because it was faster than IE, stable, had (and still has) a small footprint, and already offered tabbed browsing functionality. When Firefox came out I switched to it, mainly due to compatibility issues. The changes in Firefox made me change back to Opera. You did not state what you did in your tests. What were the sites that you visited? Sites optimised for Firefox naturally faster on Firefox. Nevertheless there are sites which load faster on Opera. They include Gashgopher and Facebook, without the turbo function kicking in. How many tabs did you open during the test? Firefox never fails to slow down when there are more than 6 open tabs. And prone to crashes too. These problems do not plague Opera. I normally have at least two windows with a total of not less than 30 open tabs. When everything is taken into consideration Opera is faster than Firefox. Follow the links given below. Firefox 4 is slightly faster than Firefox 3.6, but still stands in third place behind Chrome and Opera.