Second Chances and Taking the Chance

@emgee595 (336)
October 7, 2010 5:13am CST
We are usually asked if we will give second chances to people who have wronged us or who has offended or even hurt us. Oftentimes the scenario is given by the "wronged one" or the "victim" but we seldom contemplate on the plight of those whom we can call "the other side of the coin" - the "wrongdoer or the offender." If you were the one who is given a second chance would you take the chance given to you? What will you do? What would you feel? Would you be thankful, grateful, appreciative, contrite or ashamed? As human beings, each of us have different reactions and coping mechanisms...some might say they would hang on and make the best of the second chance given to them...others might just walk away and forget as they would simply refuse to take the chance of having a second chance. How about you? How would you react on this? Feel free to share your thoughts, your views, maybe your experience or anything you want to say about this situation. Have a good day and happy mylotting everyone! :D
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@ravend (661)
• Malta
7 Oct 10
I would try mby best- but I now I'm only human, not perfect. So I might still be doing mistakes.
@emgee595 (336)
• Philippines
8 Oct 10
Hi! Indeed as humans we are bound to make mistakes ... Its a blessing if we are given second chances tomake amends for the wrong we've done. Thanks for replying!
@hushi22 (4940)
7 Oct 10
i would be glad if i will be given a second chance. but i think it would depend on what kind of mistake or issue there is. it depends on the offense done. i gave my 1st bf three chances to show his true character and feelings but later on he was still tempted and failed which turned out as an ending. =)