my 2 cents Gameplay Vs Graphics and what makes a good game.

United States
October 7, 2010 6:01pm CST
I am still new here not sure if there are any other posts similar to mine here i searched but did not see any. well anyways now to my question. on games do you prefer games with good graphics but with the bad game play? or do you prefer the best game play with bad graphics? Well i prefer game play over graphics any day. why? Because graphics don't make the games, games are known mainly for game play, story, originality, and content. notice how graphics is not on the list it is because although its nice to have it does not make the game what it is. lets compare the average game from 10-15 years ago to the average game now days. if you notice now days graphics can drag the game down quite a lot in rating on sites such as ign, gamespot, and many other sites if it is not good. meaning the high quality game play on games has dropped on many gaming companies. although there are a few that stand out there were more high quality games back then. but most modern day gamers do not know because they are use to games such as halo 2 and 3. that they mainly care for games with awesome graphics that make it look so realistic. they should however take time download a ps1 game to there ps3 from the online store get a feel for some of the older games. why they had more game play hours then most your 1-2 week games now days. (at bottom i will list older games that were very good in my opinion.) final fantasy 7 was a big transition for the series for many people they spent months playing the game it had great story, great battle system, great graphics, and many more great qualities it really stood out. another for me was legend of legaia very very unique story line, awesome battle system, graphics did not matter. big reason this stood out to me was great soundtrack, the way to learn new attacks did not revolve around leveling, it revolved around trying different combos til you discovered new attacks. this game did not receive much publicity as they released around the time a final fantasy game was released. i could go on but then you would probably start getting bored. my point was then there was many great games being released to modern days dwindling number. There are few games i look forward to playing now days diablo 3, starwars force unleashed 2, golden sun 3, and final fantasy 13. why so few because developers are making the mistake to choose graphics or the x-box 360 as a game system choice when it is not a reliable system.(no system fan wars please, i am just saying i do not like x box 360 as it does not last as long as it should.) example starocean chose to go to x-box 360 for supposedly something ps3 did not have. they left the playstation fans in the dump so therefore there sales were not as good as they could have been. if they wer to make another game but for ps3 i would jump at it because that is the system many rpg fans have. as it is more diversified with there games. x-box 360 mainly has fps games such as halo series, modern warfare, and etc... Finally nentindo has classic games such as mario, donkey kong, pokemon, golden sun, and many more child appropriate games. but they are not to kiddish as to were adults would shy away from them. My whole point is that developers need to stop being dumb and rushing games when they are not polished and ready for release. a good example on what tey should do is what blizzard does starcraft 2 was announced i think in 2007 or 2008 but was not released until july 27 2010. because they balanced the game and polished the game til they felt was ready to be released. That way we can have the good graphics and the good game play not one or the other. That would help to ensure bright future for the gaming industry. Thanks hope you enjoy the read i may have mumbled a little but that is just how i am. P.S. reason why i said x-box 360 was not a reliable system was because my bro works at best buy and every month he sees a good 20-40 x-box 360s come in saying they were messing up or got rrod(red ring of death) compared to the ps3 1 maybe 2. now for the list i promised you. final fantasy 7, 8 , 9 legend of legaia legend of the dragoon castlevania symphony of the night medal of honor1, underground golden sun 1 and2 lost age paper mario 64 super mario 64 donkey kong pokemon red blue yellow silver and gold. starcraft diablo 1 and 2 command and conquer red alert retaliation super mario bros 3 mario world.} I think that is good enough what is your opinion on the current gaming industry.
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@nas8228 (59)
• United States
5 Nov 10
Anyone who grew up playing the NES knows that gameplay far exceeds graphics. Find almost anyone who was born between 1975 and 1985 and they can pick up an NES controller and play their old favs like they just put them away yesterday. Graphics are nice to look at, but its the gameplay that gets you to play it again.
• United States
10 Nov 10
I was born in 1991 and I still enjoy playing classics such as super Mario bros 3, contra, super Mario RPG, and many others. In fact Diablo 1 and 2 leaves me looking forward to Diablo 3 just based on how blizzard likes to perfect their game as much as possible. However, Starcraft 2 ai for some odd reason did not feel anywhere close to Starcraft 1 ai as it did not entertain me as long as i thought it would.
• United States
19 Nov 10
I think that gameplay is more important than graphics because no matter how good the graphics are, if you don't enjoy playing the game, it's just not worth it.
@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
8 Oct 10
well i really dont care if its heavy on graphics or not. what i want is the content. i dont mind playing a blocky game if the content and gameplay is good.
• Canada
7 Oct 10
such a question would need such an answer.. but i may not be able to give such an answer rite now... but Yes indeed the gaming industry is on a boom..just a decade ago their were 2-d sega games... 32-bit games... and now today you have great awsome games.