Just got an xbox 360 should i mod it?

October 7, 2010 7:34pm CST
I just got an xbox 360 Slim should I mod the xbox so I can play free copied or burned games... Or should I flash it( changing the firmware of the cd player ) I hear flashing is much more safer.. but people still get banned from xbox live, please tell me what to do?
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8 Oct 10
Neither. Copyright infringement is B-A-D, and is highly frowned upon. I mean, why would someone illegally burn a game onto disc, and play it online so Microsoft can see it isn't a genuine product? So what you SHOULD do is buy the games at a discounted price (ie, local used game stores like GameXchange, FuncoLand and GameStop). Otherwise, you really should just sell the console - if you don't want to play the games legally, you don't need to play them at all.
• Canada
14 Oct 10
Indeed it is bad and maybe the whole worl knows that... but you fail to answer my question... I asked what should I do.. but you could not give me a right answer.. therefore if you dont have an answer then please dont flame or spam on my disscusion
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6 Nov 10
I would not mod your XBox 360 because they will ban you from XBox Live and if you like multiplayer games you'll want that service. Besides, it's not fair to the people who made the game to have you just go and pirate it off the internet. It just proves you are lazy and don't want to support the things you say you like. You can use extra money you earn online to pay for video games or set aside money you earn for it.
@elmiko (6640)
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9 Oct 10
i wouldn't do this since i like using xbox live with my games too much. also sooner or later games will only be available to be streamed via a gaming website because companies are not going to continue to let people use copied games.
8 Oct 10
ok dude im sorry that this answer is kinda stupid in a way u need to make your own choice on what u wanna do, do whatever looks better so yeah thats my advice to u i've hacked many systems u just gotta take a chance do what is fun for u or whatever lol so yeah but the slim is pretty cool so be careful whatever u do