Did Mahatma Gandhi Discriminate Black People in South Africa?

Marikina, Philippines
October 8, 2010 3:45am CST
I have a friend who told me that Mahatma Gandhi discriminate black people in South Africa when he was still alive. He read some of the information on the internet and I just want to confirm if a friend of mine is telling the truth or he is just creating a story which is not true.
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@narthan (326)
• India
16 Oct 10
Gandhi is a man known for his principles. In case if he had ever discriminated black people in Africa people would not have praised him this much at-least the people of Africa. If you study his works you may also come across the fact that he even helped African people get freedom for their country. How could anyone try to darn his image by telling something which his no way related to him? Ask your friend to confirm the source of this information.
• Marikina, Philippines
21 Oct 10
I have asked him to confirm the source of information he got from the internet and he gave me this one: Http://www.mkgandhi-sarvodaya.org/articles/civil2.htm --and this one: Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQO1uNhw_1s&feature=related --and the last is this one: Http://www.gandhism.net/faq.php (^_^)
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
8 Oct 10
perhaps he did really have an ugly side or two ... it that were the case then perhaps I perceive Gandhi's achievement as even greater than originally seen ... He's just like most of us yet for one, his ability to leverage passive resistance and non-violence has changed the lives of many people ... What do you think ?
• Marikina, Philippines
9 Oct 10
Yes. I agree with you. I am fascinated too by Mahatma Gandhi's work-- especially in "non-violence"-- I just can't get out of my mind of what my friend told me about "discriminating" in... south Africa? I don't know if the information she read is true or false (^_^)
• India
9 Oct 10
I don't know. I wasn't there at that time. However, I want to look at the good side and learn from it.