I am shocked to hear that...

October 8, 2010 10:45pm CST
That my works is not ok. Actually I am working with a man called Dr Lim. He always pay me last time. I am posting ads for him. He has cigar business, health supplement and others too. He promised to pay me for each respondent I received for USD0.20 cents. But after one month when I give him a list of email addresses, he now asking me whether I am submitting the same email addresses to him twice or thrice. And even he said I confuses him yesterday while I really had no mistake done for this month normally every month also he is delaying my salary. I have to tolerate this man to get my salary. I have chase for other jobs but none of them gives me flexibility and money. So I went bluntly for this guy and now I regret. Having the rest of my life work with him is in mess my mind now. How can I file a report to the authority? I really want to release my anger to him now. Fellow mylotters, I am so sad that I don't have money right now even my connection is barred at home. So am writing this from a cyber cafe computer.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
14 Oct 10
That really stinks that you've had to go through that kind of crap with the person that you've been working for. I can see where he might think that you are submitting the same email addresses because it is easy to do something like that and as a person that is paying someone else it is easy to be skeptical of the people that you have working for you. That said, it is still wrong that he doesn't pay you at least some of the money that is owed to you.
@mrlips (78)
• Germany
9 Oct 10
if you are in the same staate then he is, just report him to the authorities, if its just online and you don´t know where he lives , i guess its going 2 be hard for you, i´m sorry 2 hear about ur bad luck with this guy
@kodukodu84 (1576)
• Malaysia
9 Oct 10
Hi Wongchoiyee, Really sorry to hear you situation and I can understand how angry you are to the man. Seemed like he only used you to promote his product until he gets it popular but don't have an intention to pay you at all. Be patient and keep looking and applying for another job. I hope you will get a reply from different companies soon. I know living without job is very difficult and as you said even now your internet connection is barred that you can't even work on mylot unless you go to cyber cafe. But I hope you get this solved soon. Good luck and have a nice day!
• India
9 Oct 10
Hi wongchoiyee,Its really a bad happening that have stuck you,and I am afraid that this guy named "windy" will never pay you the remaining balance,hence you better do something else which you think better,but do not relies on the Internet kind of job,its a pool of frauds. Always its better to weigh our-self before joining such entity is it really I am worth to earn such an earnings that easily,then what about the other software professional or the expertise are doing.....so on and so fourth. Happy mylotting and be careful.