How many women wants to get breast enhancements?

@kafueenu (1073)
October 10, 2010 1:29am CST
I know I do haha. I really think mine are too small for my body built, and that makes me less attractive haha. Although I have a boyfriend and I really don't need to attract men, I want to be satisfied with how I look. I really have a really bad inferiority complex, and I want to improve my looks as much as possible. Many say I really have a beautiful face, but I know I have a lot of flaws. I can't really get over this wanting, so my solution is just to get the treatments I want.
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16 Nov 11
hey jus give u r num
@namdaemun (283)
• Indonesia
10 Oct 10
well, the enchancements have good and bad sides. The good news is you'll get a brand new look that surely will attract men. the bad side is if the product is not safe, I'm sure you would not want to end up getting cancer. Not all people say that yours is lame, but if it suits your body and face forms, you won't lose from females with big mountains. I suggest the natural treatments for you. It's safe and the result aren't quite bad (not that I have tried it myself, because I'm a guy hehehe)