What is the best energy drink to make you awake all night?

October 14, 2010 6:59am CST
Aside from coffee which most of the time has no effect on me, what do you think is the best or effective drink to take to make you awake all night and not feel tired and sleepy the following day? I'd like to finish the works not done during daytime at nights.
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@maezee (32955)
• United States
14 Oct 10
STICK WITH COFFEE, please! Do yourself this favor! Although 3 kinds that I have tried in the past have been Red Bull, Rock Star, & Monster - and those all worked well enough, I think they all have about the same amount of caffeine in them. I'd honestly say stick with coffee, unless you promise not to get addicted. I was addicted to Rock Star (energy drink) FOR YEARS! And eventually had to start buying 2-3 a day just to wake me up and quench my need for sugar/caffeine. I've given it up now for about 2 weeks and instead I'm drinking coffee and diet soda now..But still! I guess if you only want to have one every once in a while - then it's fine - just dont' get hooked. Also, caffeine is not a replacement for sleep - and energy drinks Do cause you to crash a couple of hours after you drink one. But why not try Red Bull, Monster, or Rock Star (there are several other varieties, but these are the 3 I preferred). Good luck! I hope you get the work done that you want to!
• Philippines
15 Oct 10
Thanks a lot! Yeah I think i'd rather stick with coffee. On second thoughts, would there be side effects if i get addicted, for example, to red bull? I've used it once in a while but i didn't notice any effect.