October 14, 2010 11:31am CST
thinking about buying this laptop, anybody ever used it or owns one? is it good? great? awesome? im really in love with this laptop and had been obsessed about it for months now, hoping to hear your thoughts on this laptop, should i buy it or not, if i should, whats specs/costumizations do you think i should get? (im hoping to use it for playing RPG,MMORPG games, make websites, flash games, etc). if you do not recommend this, what laptop would you recommend? thanks for your time and feedback guys! =)
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@androbot (89)
• India
18 Jan 11
I don't own an Alienware laptop but I have surely used one. It is an excellent piece of art. You cannot go wrong with Alienware. Plus, they provide you full hardware customisation. The only sore point is the very high price tag. A equivalent or even better specced laptop from some other brand would cost you about 20-25% less than the Alienware. But again, an Alienware beats it by it's face value!
@tonyllenium (6265)
• Italy
23 Oct 10
yes i knwo this laptop but i never owned before!!Surely alienware laptop are the king of the high end pc as regards configuration,graphics and even design!!May be you cna even take a look to the new m11x is portable and have a good configuration considering the small size...surely m15x is a real laptop for careful to choose configuration because price raise up for nothing