Getting Married is one of my future plans

October 15, 2010 2:46am CST
Every time I think about my future, a thought suddenly came out, "Getting Married" though I'm too young to think about it bu sill someday, it will happen, and it is not possible. But honestly, I'm afraid to enter such thing, because of what ifs.. What if my husband will leave me? What if the path that I'm following is not the right path for me?
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• Vietnam
18 Oct 10
Oh no CAZZIEH09, You're still too young to think about that. Life's great. Enjoy and let things happen spontaneously. U'll see that nothing's perfect.
• Indonesia
15 Oct 10
Getting merried is like a durian fruit. You can only see that this fruit have so many thorn outside and it looks ugly. But when you open it and eat this fruit, you can feel that this fruit is nice. If you don't have a brave to open the fruit, you will never know the taste of durian fruit. Believe me that God will lead you to meet with the best person that will lead you to the new life. Just surrender your future to God.
@hushi22 (4940)
15 Oct 10
oh no! dont think of negative ahead of time. hehe nah, that is normal i suppose. i think it is nice to get married just make sure you dont hurry up things so that you wont end up failing
@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
15 Oct 10
I tell you all will be in God's time. While you are planning these things, I am actually at the point in my life where I have to decide on it. He hasn't asked me yet but it's the crossroad of our relationship. I can't quite explain such things but I'm really at the time when I'm most confused and bothered. I know deep in my heart that I would like him to be my partner forever. I know it sounds cheesy but I couldn't explain the happiness I feel whenever we are together or just even talking. I know for sure that I love him. But regardless how we deal with it, we can't really be sure of what the other person is thinking. He tells me that he loves me, and I'm sure the he means it, but by how much? He only knows. But like you, I have the 'what if' questions. I honestly have been thinking about it a lot these days and though there are days when everything is just cheery and happy there will be days when I just can't help but think that we might be better off as friends because we have fears that someday we'd feel that we were wrong for deciding to settle down. However, I know that we wouldn't really know the answer unless we try. This is all in God's hands. Regardless how much you plan things, it will never always happen the way you want them to happen. There will be times when you just need to let go because you can't do anything about the things that is happening in your life. I guess it's important as early as now to be attuned with conversing with God. Offer Him your plans, aspirations and fears. I am doing that now. And I'm still working on my trust that He knows what is good for me. Indeed life is a journey. We may not know where life could lead us, but we have no choice but to live it the way God plans it to be.