How do you bring up your children?

October 15, 2010 11:18pm CST
Mothers possess not only physical connection with their kids, but they have the wonderful opprtunity to shape their spiritual views.How do you teach your children to behave well, to respet others?How do you explain them that the aggression is not right.Do you punish them physically or only orally?
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@curmont (343)
• United States
24 Oct 11
I think the best way to teach our children anything is to do it ourselves, the old adage do as I say and not what I do has never really worked for anyone. If you want your children to be respectful you should be respectful towards them and the other people you come in contact with especially in front of them. If you want them to know how to love you have to show them love and if you want them to know how to handle it when things dont go their way you need to be honest with them let them see how you deal productivly with feelings of anger or disappointment. teach them how to cope with the good and the bad and yes teach them that there are consequences for their behavior and that the consequence should match the severity of the behavior, trust me far better to suffer a spanking from a loving parent then a prison term later in life at the hands of the judicial system, learning responsibility for our actions may just be one of the most important lessons we teach our children so barring abuse however you gotta get that message across by all means do what you gotta do.
@pecito (304)
• Bulgaria
16 Oct 10
I think personal example is the best way to show the child what's right or wrong.The problem is sometimes i'm not sure I know the answers of these questions myself.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
16 Oct 10
I try to only punish my children verbally because that is the way that I tend to believe I will bring them up to be the most peaceful people. However, there are some times that I think that it is important to smack them because of the fact that they are doing something that could be seriously harmful to them. Well, I think that my children that are four years old and eight years old are very well adjusted individuals and I hope that I am able to keep this up with them through the rest of their childhood.