@sam8pro (376)
October 16, 2010 12:37am CST
Please someone enlighten me about this topic i am totally a newbie.. i want some good readings and learning material .. and strategic advice if any on this .. also good legit websites ... Thanks sam
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• United States
16 Oct 10
all hyip sites r all scams... i suggest u stay away from all of those sites.
@sam8pro (376)
• India
16 Oct 10
hmm ... thanks
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
27 Oct 10
i used to knwo some sites like that such as HYIP sites but i never trusted them ..they turn back into scam too fast and in amny cases they can't faces their promises fro a long time!!
• Canada
22 Oct 10
Well as most users have told you, pretty much ALL HYIP programs are fake and scams. When any site can promise you 150 percent or more of a return on your initial investment then you should be cautious. I myself tried those when I first started earning online but found out very quickly how they worked. If you really want to try one out this is what I can suggest to you. although they will always eventually scam you there is a way to use it to your advantage. What I found with these HYIP programs is the older they are chances are you will not get paid. The trick is to locate the new HYIP sites that are only days old. When these sites all first start out they usually pay the investors once so the person will refer new people to the site. So what I have learned is to only invest in the newest sites and the ones that are only a few days old. This way here you can at least get one payout before the turn scam. It doesn't always work out this way but 9 times out of 10 it has for me. Keep in mind though you will NOT get rich with these, they are illegal and NEVER invest in something unless you an afford to take a lost. So in other words if you find a HYIP site you want to try, don't go dropping a large chunk of cash in it or you will get burned. They are more hassle then they worth 99 percent of the time so its really not worth it but if you are anything like me you won't listen to anybody and still have to try it out. If this is the case and you decided that's what you want to try, then try my steps out to keep yourself somewhat safe when dealing with these. Oh forgot to mention, STAY away for the Orient Express HYIP. Those guys have been scamming people since 2005. The got me for $75 a few years back and I haven't used a HYIP since. So again its basically like gambling so if you can't afford to lose any money then I suggest just to steer clear of these sites then.
@nsj947 (284)
• India
16 Oct 10
Hi sam as I told you most of the HYIP's are scam so my advice would be not to go for sucha program