slap your boss to the ground

October 17, 2010 8:48pm CST
my "boss" seems to like taking credit for things he never dreamed of doing which i've accomplished on my own although he's my "boss" we currently have the same level sometimes when he talks to me i just fantasize about slapping him to the ground maybe my subordinates dream of doing this as well well that's something i'll have to worry about some other time
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@Hatley (164389)
• Garden Grove, California
18 Oct 10
hi I was spoiled because when I first worked in the library my supervisor the branch librarian was a really great boss, she was not really bossy at all and often worked alongside the rest of us to help out.So when she quit to work close to home in the library there the boss from hell c ame from that library to wo rk as branch manager in our library. wow she was something else. one day she thought we were the worst crew she had ever worked with, and growled at us. the next d ay we were the best crew in the whole world and she loved each of us.She was bi polar but would not take the medication that would even her temperament out. I never really became friends with the woman at all. But I had a fantasy that one day she would walk down the hall with her rear end sticking out. well one day this rotund woman did have her skirt caught in the top of her skirt waistband. but sadly it came loose before she realized it and all of us were snickering at her behind her chubby back and butt. So it almost came true lol.
• United States
18 Oct 10
With one of my bosses, I did fantasize about that, but I mostly fantasized about slapping other people to the ground, scratch that, I fantasized about going Hulk Smash on other people.