Money Gifting - is it a scam?

@angemac23 (2005)
October 18, 2010 5:54am CST
I would like some opinions on money gifting. I have a friend who is involved in this and was told that, in time, she would be making 2000 dollars a week in the program but has been in it for months now and has not seen a cent. She is still convinced that it will work and they keep telling her that they are revamping the system and making positive changes for it to work better. Another friend involved in it claims to have already made some money but my other friend is further down the list and that is why she has not been paid yet, at least that is what she believes. I think it sounds like a scam even though she did not have to pay anything into it to join, it still sounds weird to me. I find it hard to believe that people make money by doing almost nothing. My thought about making money is that you have to go out and get a job and work hard for it. She gets mad at me when I tell her she is being scammed. Am I wrong or does sound like a well-planned scam that is taking my friend for a ride that will get her nothing except disappointment?
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• Indonesia
18 Oct 10
did you mean this site is HYIP? If true, I suggest don't following this site because 99% HYIP is SCAM
@owlwings (39626)
• Cambridge, England
18 Oct 10
I believe that the "Money Gifting" sites are just thinly-disguised Ponzi or 'pyramid' schemes. This kind of system is illegal in most countries but many sites are able to just scrape in within the law by offering something 'of value' (what kind of value is dubious!) to their members. I don't know which particular site your friend is involved in but they are all much the same. As with any scheme like this, it is only the people who are in at the start who are likely to make anything at all. Most of the sites I have seen use clever wording and blind you with the 'matrix system' they use to make it look believable and to make you feel that you are 'in on a new cycle', or some such rubbish. ALL such sites are only there to make money for themselves, not for their members, by creaming off a percentage of what every mug pays them!