Titanic: The Animated Musical

United States
October 18, 2010 12:38pm CST
Look it up if you dare. It's got a giant ship, a rapping dog, cruddy animation, survivors going on with their lives with no grief whatsoever... Yes, a rapping dog. This movie, SHOULD BE SUED. Just plain disrespect to the victims of the tragedy. Just pray to god that animation company won't make a "Holocaust, The Musical Legend." It's just so laugably entertaining. In fact, I kinda hope no one responses to this post knowing what the movie is. If you are reading this post, deprive yourself of that memory! Drink some alcohol like the Nostalgia Critic.
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• United States
18 Oct 10
Oh rot... not the Nostalgia Critic! My sisters loves his videos. I don't. And now it seems I can't escape him! Anyway, I've seen parts of this movie and I'd heard of it long before my sister begged me to watch the NC video that ripped it to shreds. It seems laughably bad, yes... but not so horrible that the animation company needs to be sued. They're probably long bankrupt anyway... so I doubt you'll ever hear from them again.