Debts of the Dead

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October 18, 2010 10:25pm CST
Does anyone really understand how this all works? When you are broke, in a nursing home, living on Medacaid and only alotted a few dollars a month to your name and cannot pay then what? A bill could no longer be paid is seeking payment from my Mom's "estate". Whatever was left which mind you was at most $200 was given to the funeral home to help with expenses not preplanned. Now this creditor is asking for proof of her assets. I don't know how to prove that her assets consisted of undies, tops, pants, socks, a blanket, a pillow or two, and a tv (not HD, not plasma, not anything you couldn't find @ a thrift store for $20 that needs a converter box a CNA knocked to the floor cracked the body of). So they are harassing a relative of mine over this debt because she's the executor of the affore mentioned "estate" in which a good deal was thrown away, donated, or passed on to others who wore similar size. So how do we tell these turkey's unless they think they can score some "fat cash" auctioning off used clothes from stores that end in "Mart" in Mom's name they are SOL. As probate said if there were no assets & nothing contested there's no need to file anything other than the will to my understanding. Perhaps I'd like to see this "auction" of Mom's things.... "stained wal-mart tee shirt, "jane doe" name markered on tags/collars.... bids start at one cent"
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19 Oct 10
if the estate has already been through probate and closed,have her get a statement of it being out of money/no assets and closed from the lawyer who filed it with the county. they have to eat it at that point and they know it.
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@Hatley (164469)
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20 Oct 10
hi 3SnuggleBunnies just copy this discussion and hand it over to the creditor or creditors. I mean what can they do, if she owned no property??yes lets let the turkeys hold that auction that I would like to see.What a way to treat your mom and the rest of you cannot they forget this crap and just suck it up.Good luck and God bless.