Hello, Megi!! Please, stop ravaging our town!

October 19, 2010 6:14am CST
It's always like this. Typhoon always ravage our town. This isn't good anymore. Christmas is coming and everything was destroyed by the typhoon. Flood is all over the place. Roofs are never to be found. So sad. So frustrating. Please, Megi stop ravaging our town.
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@Hatley (164058)
• Garden Grove, California
20 Oct 10
hi tess are you and yours okay? I also saw this in the news. I guess this happens too much where you are and thsts is really bad. We have been having heavy rains here in Southern Ca;ofprnia but nothing really alarming, I am so sorry for you and your loved ones being pounded by those ferocious winds.
• Philippines
19 Oct 10
another disaster hitting luzon again. i saw on tv how it affected families and our agriculture. it is so sad indeed and that xmas is drawing near. we just hope that the families and places affected could recuperate at the shortest time possible with the assistance of our government.
• Philippines
19 Oct 10
sad to say Tess, You can't get rid of the Force of Nature or even begged for it to leave. Storms just come and go to our Nation even before the existence of the Filipino tribes.houses are really not that equpped to stand storms for longest period of time. most specially if the neighborhood hasn't improved their own house infrastructure. The only answer to prevent floods is to create a tunnel that will channel the flood away from the community. then, make more trees that would supressed much of it's waters. as for the winds, unless you built a cement roof, there's no way a stain steel with nails can hold on to the power of the wind.
@AmbiePam (46956)
• United States
19 Oct 10
I saw pictures of this on the news. I am so sorry. Are you and your family okay?