Tia's CRAZYNESS intro

@anNiTa (126)
United States
October 19, 2010 2:39pm CST
Ok, this is about my Tia, to those who dont speak spanish, my aunt. She is in her early thirty and out of control! She has been married over 7 times and now divorced she moved in with us... trying to get settled in a new state for her. She started going to school and looking for a job. But now, she stopped job hunting and is now dating one of her class mates like 10 years younger than her! what is she thinking? She still keep in touch with her ex husband and ex lover and they both wire her money and her new BOY TOY, takes her out and at times she even spents the night. now i know shes a grown woman but geeze! when i try to tell her otherwise she gets up set and claims to be a grown woman... but when will she step up and act like one.
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@leighz (457)
5 Mar 12
Wow she can do that to men? she must be really pretty or have a great personality. Why would these men wire her money, their probably under her spell. Anyway, I'mm getting out of topic. I guess she never was given a responsibility before, that is why she still acts the way she is. If you only have yourself to worry about and know that there are family members or friends who will pick you up everytime you commit a mistake then you will never learn.
@dlpierce (489)
• United States
1 Apr 11
I believe it takes some people longer than others to mature. I'm sure your Aunt will settle down in time. It could be she just hasn't discovered how to be content with herself. Some people may never find what they want out of life. But most people do mellow with age and control their actions as not to offend their family.