I'm finally beginning to feel better! Hurrah!!!

@jerzgirl (8040)
Gloucester City, New Jersey
October 19, 2010 10:03pm CST
Today I left the house for the first time since Saturday. I woke up feeling so much better than I had felt all weekend and Monday. I did venture out on Saturday to go to coffee and lunch with my friend Tom, but when I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep. And, sleep I did. All night, all Sunday, all night, all Monday and all night again. Monday was the first time I went downstairs after coming home Saturday. It was that bad. I began to get feverish Monday night with an accompanying headache, so I took my cold medicine with an extra round of pain reliever and went to bed. When I woke this morning, it was to an entirely different feeling. I still have some chest congestion and the coughing, but the heavy sinus congestion is gone. The watery (and they were more mucus-y than watery) eyes seem to be much improved (I'm not having to take a tissue or a wash cloth to my eyes every few minutes so I can see) and I haven't had to go lie down every hour or so because of fatigue. Believe me when I say I'd rather feel like this!! What bugs me is that this is the third time this thing has hit me in three months. The first time I was way sicker. The second time was more traditional cold-like. And then this. I don't know what has changed to make me so susceptible to whatever this is - or maybe it's just that it's not really gone, but goes into remission until it feels strong enough again to take me on. Does anyone out there know anything about viruses? This one included a sore throat I haven't experienced since my last bout of strep, yet I don't think it was strep because it went away after two days. Strep always hung on until an antibiotic took it out. I don't know. I just don't. Regardless, I feel so much better. I actually called my friend and asked to go out. He hadn't called me because he figured I was still sick. Although I am, I couldn't stand being cooped up any more and wanted some freedom, some fresh air, some food! And, my DIL and granddaughter went with us because they've also been trapped by a similar bug going through all of us. It turned out to be a nice outing. We went to Starbucks, then to Chili's and then to Goodwill to see if we could find a coat for Taylor who is returning to Utah in a week, but who didn't have anything for the chilly weather here. Besides two like-new hoodies, her mother also found her a pair of shoes that would work well with her Halloween costume as well as being good for church. The weather was nice, we were without stress, the food was good and it just turned out to be good for all of us. So, have you been fending off any invading viruses? Have you had an unusual number of illnesses lately? I know a lot of people around here are sick, but I'm curious to see if others seem to be sick more than usual. How are you doing? And, how was your day?
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• United States
1 Nov 10
yea,there's something going around town people are calling boomerang flu. you seem like you're recovering,then if you do something that requires the slightest bit of exertion,boom,it's back.and sometimes worse. i don't know why the flu is different the last few years,but it seems like they're like this a lot now.
• Malaysia
20 Oct 10
To avoid getting flu, I always telling myself to have drink of plenty of water. I drink 15 glasses of water everyday to keep me feeling well all the time.
@Hatley (164468)
• Garden Grove, California
20 Oct 10
hi jerzgirl its been raining here yesterday and today, gloomy and the other people at my table both had colds then are almost over them and gave it to me. well as I am a diabetic and my resistance is not so good its in my chest and I do not feel so hot tonight either. My son emailed me that he had the virus Sunday and was contagious so he did not want to give it to me. I am so glad you are all feeling a lot better. I really have been pretty well up to now so I think this will not last long. I [had my flu shot two weeks ago and have not had a cold until now.
@ElicBxn (60894)
• United States
20 Oct 10
I got a flu shot the day after the roomie came home from her cruise - like Oct 4th, the next day I was kind of tender in the neck, but was fine otherwise and was totally fine the next day the OTHER roommate has a cold, she thinks, we told her to stay away from us! we don't want to get sick! I suspect its really allergies since this is one of the worse ragweed seasons we've had because we had such a wet spring and summer, then dry after that.
@GardenGerty (104294)
• United States
20 Oct 10
The viruses I have had so far have been very light. I had a fever for a day or two, a couple of weeks ago, and then I have had some sinus/allergy/yucky eyes, but not too bad.I chalked that up to allergies, as we have not had a hard freeze to kill all the pollen. Not enough to send me to bed. Hubby has had a cold and fever once. Sore throat for a day or two another time. However, we never seem to get very sick at all. On the other hand, in our community, I am hearing lots of people talk about pneumonia. Lots of people, young and old, and in between have been sick enough to be hospitalized or nearly so with pneumonia. When I am sick I like lots of hot soups, and chili to make me feel better.