Your Alarm Rings, Do you wake up or snooze it off?

October 20, 2010 1:32am CST
Dont you just love to sleep that few minutes away before heading to the shower? I do. Its becoming a habit that when my alarm clock rings ( a booming rooster )i just turn it off and sleep some more. My sis tells me-- why set the alarm then? Well, she got a point there. But for me, its like stealing a few minutes to cuddle up my pillows and bury my face in the blanket knowing that it I will soon be up. What about you?
4 responses
@katsmeow1213 (29044)
• United States
20 Oct 10
I almost always hit snooze a few times. I am not a morning person and I hate waking up. Today I actually slept through the alarm for 20 minutes!
• Indonesia
20 Oct 10
I simply set the time for five minutes again and five minutes again. lol, so at the end I realize I have waste 30 minutes from the time I have to wake up. I look like a stupid man. To cope with it, I got a tip. For instance, I want to wake up at 7, so I set the alarm at 6. So even though I have delay and delay for the next 5 minutes, I will be totally wake up after the 12th set and reset !
@saphrina (31739)
• South Africa
20 Oct 10
Hi sweetie. When my alarm goes off, i get up. I cannot lay like that. I get started with my day as soon as possible. Maybe weekends i might be a bit lazy. TATA.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
20 Oct 10
I usually snooze too. I love being able to snooze a bit in the morning! My fiancee totally does not get this though...