I forgot my son's birthday - what would you do in my shoe

October 21, 2010 8:43am CST
2 day ago was my youngest son's birthday. I was preoccupied with work that I forgotten the date. It was nagging me on the back of my head, but I was so busy with my work load I simply push it out of my mind. Yesterday morning on the way to work I remembered it, I was furious at my self for forgetting such an important event in my son's life. When I got back from work last night I brought him a cake and a barrel of fried chicken and the works. We celebrated his belated birthday last night. The thing that got to me was that my son was as if trying to remind me of his birthday. That night he told me before going to sleep that he was hungry and he feels like eating banana cake, banana cake is his favorite and he says it has been long since he had it. I took him to the shop but didn't manage to get him his cake since none was to be found that night. so as a replacement I bought him 2 cream filled cone bread. No I am feeling uneasy, did I do the right thing, am I going to be able to go through this feeling I have in my heart. Can I compensate me forgetting his birthday by doing something or buying something for him. what do you think? thank in advance
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@musicman6 (2371)
• United States
22 Oct 10
You can forgive yourself, we are only human, I've done it several times myself, and at least we ourselves know for sure how much we love our children, and grandchildren, and more than likely will probably happen again! It's the making it up, that will make a difference in a loved ones life! I know they will find compassion in their heart, and love will always heal wound !
• Malaysia
23 Oct 10
Thanks for that. I agree with you when you say we are the ones that knows how much we love our children. the same with the rest of what you said above. Thanks again
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
21 Oct 10
how old is your son? we used to have our kids birthday parties on the weekend of their birthday anyways, not on the day. dont beat yourself up. accidents happen.
• Malaysia
21 Oct 10
he is 7 on that day. I was thinking that it is normal for something like that to happen. but just thinking about that night he was asking for the banana cake, it make my heart shattered.