if you could come up with ur own diet.

United States
October 22, 2010 9:31pm CST
What would your diet be called and how would it work if you can come up with a weightloss plan? would you try it first. and if it work would you turn it into a dvd set or a book?
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@maezee (34026)
• United States
4 Nov 10
I think I'm totally against what a lot of these fad diets are like - how people are becoming millionaires off of these stupid, crazy diets (Southbeach, Weight Watchers, etc). So morally, I would not like to do something like this. I still believe in my heart that people are wasting their money on "diet programs" like this, and that 99% of people could do it at home, with way less money involved. But that's my opinion. I need to hurry up and prove it to myself by losing 30 pounds. But I'm all about doing it the old fashioned way - eating less and exercising more. I guess I could try to write a book about that if it ends up working.. LOL.
@lexx87 (1711)
• Mexico
2 Nov 10
I always tried with books i believe more in books to dvd , also i created my own diet years ago and it was really helpful to me .
@Trace86 (5033)
• United States
23 Oct 10
I would invent a macaroni and cheese diet! That is so my favorite food in the world. I got teased at work terribly when one summer I ate easy mac every day for 3 months. They even got me the giant box of easy mac for my birthday! So macaroni and cheese and diet coke would be my diet. With a side of Ginger Snap cookies as a snack.