You think myLot will become one like FaceBook, Twitter ...

@hanhvq (38)
October 23, 2010 4:01am CST
[myLot population: 218,427 | myLot time: October 23,2010] myLot with some features not only like a social site (friend relationship, activities managing, ...) but also got a search engine ... You think in the near future myLot will become a great site for all to join like FB or twitter ... ??? Let share your opinion!
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@noorhizat (209)
• Malaysia
24 Oct 10
If it were up to me I would prefer that mylot did not become like all the other social site. Keep doing what we are doing today and we will make mylot big. but do not make it to be like all the others, they have no feeling and become a center location for people to socialize the wrong way and reason. What we have here is a good thing and let us keep it like this. I people want to socialize the way like others than just go to the other sites.
24 Oct 10
It should be bigger than Facebook and Twitte already, if you ask me. I've never got my head around this social networking business (most of it seems to consist of people posting their random thoughts about nothing important, or putting up their boring holiday snaps of them and their mates sitting in a bar in Spain or wherever). MyLot's more my kind of site, you can find interesting discussions on here, and it's got the advantage that it pays.