would you rather live in te city or country ?

@laken02 (3067)
United States
October 23, 2010 1:40pm CST
would you rather live in the city or country ?
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@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
4 Nov 10
I have lived in both the country and the city, and I have to say that I prefer the country life. However, the employment opportunities are usually not as good in rural areas as they are in the city, and city life definitely has its advantages as well. One thing I have grown accustomed to since I moved to the city ten years ago is the fact that there are stores and gas stations open here 24-hours, and I can go get what I want/need any time day or night. I go to visit my dad up in rural Georgia sometimes, and I almost go into culture shock when I realize that all the stores in his town close at 9 P.M., and that the closest store that is open is almost twenty minutes away.
@youless (93111)
• Guangzhou, China
25 Oct 10
Right now I prefer to live in the city because I have to work. I don't want to spend long time on the way to work. And everything in the city is much more convenient. One day when I am retired, perhaps I will consider to live in the country because the life will be relaxing there. And I can enjoy the peaceful life in the country. And the fresh air will be helpful for my health. I love China
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
23 Oct 10
My full-time job is at a company which has the office in the downtown core of the city. So, I am there all day long, five days a week, in the city. It has it's charms and values, of course. But, I would rather be in a quiet and peacefull environment over the weekends. So, I chose to have a house in the country-side. That's very nice for relaxation and getting rid of the stresses of the week.
@jan4ix (142)
• Latvia
23 Oct 10
My whole life I am living in a city, its nothing big but still , Im a loner by nature so many people around me feel anoying, and living in coutry is almoust like a dream to me ;)) Ill get a job and buy a house ( maby xD)
@imphavok (320)
• Canada
23 Oct 10
I have lived in a big metropolitan city and there are some great things about it. I have lived in a small town and it too has some nice things, but for me, best of all is the coutry! I love the fresh air, I love the beauty and the trees and nature. I love that I can sit out with friends at 2-3 am and not worry about disturbing anyone. I love I can have a giant garden and make preserves to last my family all winter and i can have chickens that lay us eggs. For me, I'll tae the country any day! Have a fantastic day!!
23 Oct 10
I often feel it would be nice to live within the country side, I would of course miss the easy travel and thins such as that. The peacefulness and the beauty of the scenes surrounding would make it worth well, the city is a great place to live but I do like to mix things. Would be able to hike more often too.