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October 24, 2010 12:34am CST
I'm subbing this year and don't know if I'll be working on Halloween. I'm debating on "dressing up" or not. My custom is going to be a painted face mask on Halloween when I give out candy. This question is for the teachers. Do you dress up when you go to school? Some of the teachers I know do and some don't. Also, as a sub, do you think I should paint my face like I will on Halloween or just save it for home?
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24 Oct 10
no one dresses up in my workplace, but its not really the type of place that you get many children anyway. At my sons school near to halloween if school is open they dress up in costumes, all the teachers i've seen there too including the receptionists. I think it makes it fun for the children to see that the adults will dress up too.
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24 Oct 10
Oh, I agree. Halloween is my favorite holiday. If I was a permnant teacher at a school, I'd dress up. I just don't think I will because as a sub, I want to put my best foot forward.