how much of response will be get copy paste in mylot ???????

October 25, 2010 9:36am CST
500.. 1000 response or 10000 response will be allowed for copy paste in mylot , i like it cause make fast for it for an response also made start of new discussion , have you know how much we allowed for it ???
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• Philippines
27 Oct 10
yup I think you have to reach 500 posts to be able to copy and paste. I don't I'll be using that feature much though because I usually reply spontaneously. :) But it'll come useful when I need to share a link since I would just copy the URL direct to my post instead of writing it down. :)
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
25 Oct 10
i think that when you reach the 500 posts in your personal number you can us the function copy/paste as much as you want..there is not limitation to it!In reality i used sometimes for some responses but not so usual as i thought when i couldn't because i did not reach the 500 posts!!Anyway is true is useful sometimes to copy/paste responses or discussions here on mylot!!