Is the cell phones are able to overcome compuers?

October 27, 2010 11:50pm CST
Is the cell phones are able to overcome compuers? Now adays a lot of cell phones are awailable at cheaper cost which have almost all the features of a computer .So a lot of people now using mobile for internet instead of computer
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@rog0322 (2833)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
28 Oct 10
Hi there: By the look of things, the computer chip has become faster and smaller. In theory, cell phones can compete with computers in terms of speed and portability. The only drawback is its small size that most users find disconcerting. Someday, a design to interface the small cellular phone to a regular-sized keyboard and monitor screen may make this a reality. Just like the flash drive that replaced the floppy disks, cell phones would go a long way to store and process data plus the convenience of mobility. The general idea here is to replace the system unit by a small cell phone with similar capabilities. Yes, it is possible.
@mods196621 (3631)
• Philippines
28 Oct 10
No still no they are still have a big difference in terms of usage. Although cellphone can do like computers of having its feature of using internet mobile. I still prefer to use laptop or desktop computer. I have my blackberry and i can use the same as computer can do but i am not contented. THe size of the screen and the speed of doing writings and many more. Much better to have still the computer. Thanks and have a nice day!
• United States
28 Oct 10
I have a smartphone with the same capabilities as my computer, but I still prefer my computer. It's great to have when you're on the go, or just don't feel like going through the trouble of starting up your computer, but in the end, it doesn't add up to the real thing! Things are much smaller, a few things can be more complicated, and after awhile it can get frustrating. I do not think phones will overtake computers.
@vamp6x6x6x (1220)
• United States
30 Oct 10
I would say yes because the touchscreen tech and whatnot, but im going to have to say no because now in days computers are becoming touchscreen... Now if you were to ask something like"Is the Android Tablets are able to overcome compuers?" I would say maybe.
@tonyllenium (6265)
• Italy
28 Oct 10
i think for the moment smartphones can't overcome normal pc as well!!So normally if you consider a configuration from a pc in relation to a good smartphone you can't compare at all..also because pc is more powerful and give you much more possibilities than smarthphones as well!!If you consider that if you must do simple things when you are on the go so even surfing with your smartphone cna be useful..but we speak just checking mails,surfing some sites,upload yoru profile on social networks and so really simple..naturally on a laptop you can make much more as use softwares a bit more complex than on smartphones would be impossible for the moment..
@rosekiss (30256)
• Eugene, Oregon
28 Oct 10
I don't think that cell phones will ever replace computers, as the screen on a cell phone, is just to mall to do a lot with them. However, more and more cell phones, have the functionality of doing what computers can do. I do have a smartphone, and it can do pretty much what a computer can do, but it doesn't have full flash, but it will be updated in due time, where it will be faster and I will be able to do everything my laptop can do. I basically use my laptop for all my computer work, but when I am away from it, I like to use my cell phone since I can use it for the internet as well as my computer. I do enjoy m cell phone, though, as it a very good phone. Take care, and have a very good day.