Things that annoy me in a companies Policies and Procedures.

@CJscott (4184)
October 28, 2010 3:29am CST
You know, I got involved in MLM a while back and through the training and the networking and the prospecting, you get to meet and talk with a lot of different people at a lot of different skill levels, Pros, crooks, newbies, mediocre people, and so on. I like hearing peoples stories, and learning why they are in networking and what kind of experiences they have had. A friend of mine Michael Dlouhy, he helps mentor and train hundreds of people for free, and he tells us lots of stories about all sorts of different people, and I have met more then one person myself who learned about this slights the hard way as well. There are hundreds of MLM companies out there, and some are great and some are bad and we really never know until we do our research, and crunch our numbers and one of the first things you should, in my opinion, is read the Policies and Procedures, this is effectually your working contract...When you click the little box that says you agree, or sign your name to the document you are agreeing to this contract whether you like it or not, and you then fall under contract law, which states, You agreed to it, so you must have known about, so there is nothing we can do, even if what happened isn't legal. The most annoying thing I read in P&P's for various companies is..."The company may in its sole discretion terminate this agreement and cancel the distributorship with 30 days written notice to you"...I don't know what this means to you, but to me this means they can stop paying me, whenever they like for what ever reason. In my head this says, they are going to wait for me to build a nice big customer base for them, and then they are going to send me a letter saying my contract is being terminated, and they keep the customers and they pocket my money... There could be many variations of this, and in my opinion if they want to cancel my contract, they should at least be giving me a reason. Same if they say something to the effect that at the anniversary date they can choose whether or not to renew this contract, I don't know about other people but the main reason I got into network marketing, wasn't so I could make a lot of money right now, it was so I could make money in 10 years for work I do today, develop a residual income, and if they can just cancel their agreement whenever, well that just doesn't fit in with them telling me I can earn residual income. Well we are the subject of earning a passive ongoing income, and I think this will be the last thing I talk about today, another really big red flag for me anyways, is where it says, ongoing recruiting, continued training, or something to that effect, I read it and go, they told me I could work at this business for a few years, and then just walk away, and continue to earn a check, well, if I have to have ongoing recruiting, exactly how am I able to 'retire' from the business?? If I can't just walk away from the business and disappear into the sunset and continue to earn the royalties what is the point? And more importantly why does your website tell me I can??? Perhaps, you don't mind that that is what is in your prospective companies legally binding contract with you, and that is fine, at least you read your contract and you know about, the choice as always is yours to make, I just wouldn't expect me to make the same choice, if I was your prospect. Sincerely and With Appreciation.
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• Philippines
15 Nov 10
I completely agree, you should be really careful in choosing your company and where to sign up.
@Shellyann36 (9181)
• United States
28 Oct 10
Yes P&P's for alot of companies include this little quirk in their favor. One has to be very careful in what they sign onto! By the way, I am still here, I am just trying to straighten out some things in my personal life right now!