How well can you take your personal failure?

United States
October 28, 2010 8:09pm CST
So, how well do you take your own personal failure. If you expect something too much, and all of the sudden, the result is not what you expected, it means a disappointment for you. How well can you take it? Or would you constantly beat yourself up for your one failure? Some people might not take their own personal failure very well. They might see this failure as the end of the world. The might giving up on trying other stuff. For me, I might feel a bit disappointment, but I might find another reason to pick myself up and try to approach it at different angle.
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@ravend (661)
• Malta
29 Oct 10
I failed a lot in life. I was able to stand up and say: I am strong. At the end, I am proud to say that I have myself, and that there is nothing else i need to have.
@Porcospino (20910)
• Denmark
29 Oct 10
When I experience a failure I usually try to figure out what went wrong. Did it happen because I didn't work hard enough or because I didn't approach things the right way? Or did it happen because I was too optimistic and because I chose a goal that was too difficult for me? Sometimes I decide to try again and do things in a different way and sometimes I decide to adjust my goal so that it becomes more realistic or eassier to achieve. Sometimes I realize that I have spent the time on the wrong thing and I give up my original plans and do something different.
@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
29 Oct 10
I will get disappointed too. For a while I may think it over, seeing the causes why I failed. I may try another step, this time am more prepared and positive, I'll make it.