October 28, 2010 8:56pm CST
When was the last time that you thanked God for the food on your plate?
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
1 Nov 10
The last time that I gave thanks for the food on my plate was just a few hours ago when I had my dinner. You see, we've never had a lot in our lives and the fact that we are able to eat dinner every day is something that I am and have always been thankful for. I see that there are people around here that don't get to have dinner on their table every night. I think that if I wasn't thankful for what we had then I would not be living my life in the correct way.
• Australia
31 Oct 10
Just this morning. I thank the Lord everytime I eat food especially meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner.
• Philippines
29 Oct 10
I offer up a prayer of thanksgiving before I eat my meals everyday and wherever I am. I think it is a small way of remembering that it is out of God's loving kindness that we have food on our tables.
@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
29 Oct 10
Sometimes out of hunger or excitement to eat, I just do the sign of the cross to thank for the blessing but not actually saying thank you to the Lord. Next time I'll say, Thank you, God for this food on our plates...
@imphavok (320)
• Canada
29 Oct 10
I thank the Earth Mother and all the plants and animals for their sacrifice every day. I also thank the farmers who toil so hard to grow the food we eat. I think it is important that we show proper appreciation and thankfullness for all who sacrifice to sustain us.
• United States
29 Oct 10
Just now, why?