when your best friend is dating your parent

October 29, 2010 2:37am CST
let's say your mother/father was single and he/she strated dating your best friend...would you mind that? would you tell themn that you don't like it?
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• United States
29 Oct 10
That would be very strange. I would oppose it 100 pct. It would not foster a healthy relationship for everyone involved. There's probably also a very wide age cap that would get in the way. Imagine your best friend getting it on with your own mother... ew
• Portugal
29 Oct 10
i wouldnt mind^^ i just wanted that my mum or my father could find a good person that loved them^^ so if were my best friend would be ok sure^^ i wouldnt mind at all^^ what matters is that they would be happy so me as a good daughter and a good best friend should support them instead of criticize them^^ so for sure would be all ok with me^^
@bingskee (5237)
• Philippines
29 Oct 10
i definitely say something about it. especially if the my friend is way too young for my parent!
@kodukodu84 (1576)
• Malaysia
29 Oct 10
Well it would be really up to them, it is their choice but I would not know what to say because I would absolutely feel uncomfortable with it. I think I will move out of the house and stay far away from them. I don't really think I will be able to keep being her best friend for a while or maybe long time.
• India
29 Oct 10
Definitely, I'd say NO to such a relation-development. I shall confront my parent and explain the uneasiness I'd feel and the intricacies of such a relationship. I'll suggest my parent to find someone of their age group but please not my best friend. I will never approve of such a relation..Thats my take on it.
29 Oct 10
of course yes! That is so awkward and uncomfortable. And to think it's your best friend, it's like he/she is like a son/daughter to them. I would tell them that I don't like it.