Have You Seen The New 3D Phones Launhed in The Market ?

@AKRao24 (20626)
October 29, 2010 1:26pm CST
I am from India and just couple of hours back I have seen an advertisement on one of the TV channels about the newly introduced Three Dimensional phones. So far I have watched three dimensional movies where we need to use special types of spectacles to get the feeling of the 3D effect,that is to get the perception of the depth of a scene! I also have seen three dimensional photographs and for these photographs we never needed to use any spectacles, but the paper is different and possibly because of this we get that effect. Now I am really wondered how this phone would look , what would be the screen look like, how it will work, can we watch movies and songs with 3D effect? All these questions will be only answered only after seeing this new phone being launched by Spice Mobiles a mobile Company From India. Does any one here have this sort of mobile with them, if yes kindly provide the details about this phone and also about the features and other functions. What would be the cost of such phone with absolutely new concept? Please respond ! Thanks !
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@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
29 Oct 10
i heard that some companies are working on the 3d phones but i never saw the real result in a device such as mobile phones how they rich 3d contents and so on.. Lastly i watched some videos about nintendo and its 3d portable consle on a real little screen!!In reality this 3d without special glasses in my opinion is developing but it is not yeat a rela 3d as we cna imagine..i thnk that soon the best brands will solve this and the re will be available 3d phone esepcilly as regards perfroming screen as well!!It depends also how about mobile os which normlally if we exclude some ..they are not ready enough for 3d for the moment!!
@AKRao24 (20626)
• India
31 Oct 10
Yes dear Tonyllenium! I am also wondering what these phones would look like. The most surprising part is these phones are being launched by a Company which doesn't have big stand in the market as far as the age of the company is concerned. There are many big companies which are pretty old like Nokia, Motarola , Samsung etc. which are not seen with this products. Visualizing 3D effects without using spectacles should be really a new and wonderful experience we have! But like you expressed there has alot to be done this feature to be introduced in the mobile phone. I think we do need to have different type of network to support this new technology?! Let us how the thins will work out, for with such a fast change in technology , any thing is possible and no wonder next year by this time we may witness the boom of these instruments in the market! Thanks for responding!
• India
12 Nov 10
i do not think that they will be completely 3d like the 3d tv's. but they must be featuring some essence of the 3d tv like screen that they do not require the special glasses for 3d vision. but i think this product will soon be upgraded and we are going to see a lot more in the future.