do you know how to cook polvoron like Goldilocks polvoron?

November 1, 2010 4:53am CST
I first tasted goldilocks polvoron when I was 1st year college when one of my auntys' friend brought it to us as her present coming from manila. I can say that Polvoron really made with the best quality ingredients. The flavors that was brought to us was pinipig, peanut and cashew. All i tasted with much like and from that time on, i have search for ingredients on how to cook polvoron with same taste as Goldilocks. My mother used to cook it when we were kids but the taste not likely same as to what I tasted from Goldilocks. Today, we have no worked due to what they call All Souls Day, so I cooked and the result was admired by my friends. One said that I cooked it same as to Goldilocks. I don't know if she's telling it right but when i tasted it the taste same. Other friends like it too but to my mind maybe they haven't ate polvoron for long time. Anyways, to those who like to cook, just 4 cups of flour, 80grams bear brand milk, 1 1/2 cups butter, and 1/4kl sugar. Happy holiday and have a happy cooking. God Bless