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@2004cqui (2823)
United States
November 1, 2010 11:45am CST
I often hear people talk about God answering our prayers or not. They ask if God has ever answered our prayers. They ask if you have a personal relationship with God. I want to know how a mere mortal can tell! Have you ever noticed how a really bad situation happened for a reason? You can see the greater good? For instance, beginning with the bible, To many contributors to it's writings were jailed and persecuted for years only to write about the "Greater Good". Entire nations walked forever to "The Promised Land". Through adversity the Phoenix rises. Also, why do people with a supposed "close, personal relationship with God", bother to ask if you do to? Isn't a personal relationship just that? Just you and God. Wouldn't sharing that make it public? Have a great day!
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• Philippines
1 Nov 10
The bad thing about about people is that they only ask and ask and ask to god and always forgetting to give thanks to him. Maybe that's why they fall out of grace cuz they don't know how to give gratitude.
@2004cqui (2823)
• United States
11 Nov 10
Too true!! Still too early to tell if anyone has "fallen from grace"