What do you know about Indonesia now?

November 1, 2010 2:40pm CST
As I know, Indonesia is not popular enough in international society. So, what do you know about my country? How you know that? Thanks :)
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@IsisGreen (555)
1 Nov 10
Not that much really if I'm honest: - Spread across several islands, (about 5 large ones and loads of small ones) - 4th or 5th most populous country in the world - (about 200 million people???) - Most Muslims of any country in the world. - Loads of mountains and volcanos, particularly on Java, eg. Merapi - occupied by the Japanese in WWII - Got pretty badly hit in the 1990s East Asian financial crash. - Violently and oppressively invaded and occupied East Timor for about 25 years. (Feel free to come back at me on this if you disagree) I'm afraid that's about all I know. Please do tell me more about what you think is interesting about your country. Best, IsisGreen
1 Nov 10
"Most" is quite a claim!
• Indonesia
7 Nov 10
Thank you :) It means a lot for me as Indonesian
• Indonesia
9 Nov 10
i live in indonesia, and ironically what you said is true. i love this country, but sadly we used to have the dictator lead this country which violently killed many civilians in east timor. now east timor get their freedom, i hope the people in east timor have a better life. thanks for your opinion for indonesia. like ndigun said, it means a lot :)
• Indonesia
7 Nov 10
indonesia is very populer you know... let's see ; - which are the most corrupt country... - which country is offten affected by disaster... - tsunami in any country..... he answered all off indonesia.. indonesian is popular country heheheeeeeee
19 Dec 10
The most corrupt country is actually Somalia (according to Transparency International), but you're right Indonesia does pretty badly too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_Perceptions_Index
@cripfemme (7715)
• United States
2 Apr 11
I don't know much about Indonesia. I just know from national geographic and the travel channel that your people are very attractive for the most part and you food looks unique. I hope to visit and try it someday!