did u ever do anything crazy infront of ur lover?

@harry89 (2332)
November 5, 2010 9:59am CST
Well, when you love someone you try you impress them somehow and during these attempts you also do some crazy things and when you think about those things later, it makes you laugh. So, have you ever done something crazy like that?
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6 Nov 10
I'm always doing silly things, I think I just like making her laugh because I know I do like to see her smile. This is one of my habits that I tend to do without noticing, such as talking in funny voices or pulling strange faces. Awhile back we visited our daughters grave not long after the still birth and I noticed that she was struggling being there and I tried to make it more bearable by being a little silly. It was actually winter and I used the taps which fill bottles with water to spike my hair/style it in silly ways while pulling funny faces. It seemed to work, which after I sort of felt I should of toned it down but the last thing I wanted was for her to find it hard. Sadly she took a picture of me, so she as something over me. LOL
@ravend (661)
• Malta
5 Nov 10
I once kissed a girl in front of my boyfriend. He thought it sexy, but he broke up with me; perhaps cus he thought I'm not ok.