Do you find the rainy season romantic?

November 5, 2010 10:40pm CST
I do find the rainy season very romantic, everything looks like so beautiful. It is great to even to be at home with family, watch TV and sip coffee. I simply love the monsoons anf I would love to go out with my friends and simply enjoy the season getting soaked. After the sweltering summer season, everything about this season is appealing to me. I would love to catch the sight of a rainbow as well when I am out with my friends. What about you?
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@sweet_pea (3326)
• Philippines
8 Jun 11
A rainbow after a rain is a sight to behold. It really is nice to see and I always wonder if there really is a pot of gold at its end. Rainy days bring nostalgic effect on me. My siblings and I used to play in the rain when we were young. And after playing in the rain, we would gather on the table and feast on the cocoa porridge my father would prepare for us. It was one of my cherished memories I had with my father.
@jazel_juan (15767)
• Philippines
6 Nov 10
no it becomes so depressing and lazy for me.
• Philippines
6 Nov 10
For me, it really depends on the situation. If I am in an outdoor activity, it would dismay me if it would rain when all I need is the heat of the sun. But I still love rainy season, it gives me calmness and serenity. I love the sound of the rain. I sometimes play under the rain reminiscing my childhood. If I am sad, I drown myself in the rain because it comforts me. I can feel that the rain is sympathizing with me. Furthermore, the rain helps me get a very sound and relaxing sleep. And when you're with someone you love, it's a great time to hug to warm each other.
@Renhard (3480)
• Jamaica
6 Nov 10
Well to me the rainy season always feel romantic. I like to be with my girl and hug her up etc when the rain is falling but when i aint around her i always feel lonely when the rain is falling.