Removed features in newer Windows

@RamRes (1725)
November 6, 2010 9:41pm CST
For some years I got used to use Windows XP in my desktop machine. Now I bought a notebook that comes preinstaled with Windows 7. As I tried to configure it to my needs, I saw that some things that are common in XP are gone in 7. Two features I miss the most are: The start menu, in XP we can choose between the clasic start menu or that ugly new one, in 7 we have no choise but the useless new start menu that makes our life harder. Another thing I miss is the file types configuration, in XP found in folder options, now disapeared. So if I want to edit a file asociation, now I must go directly to the registry instead of having the friendly interface for selecting the options. What do you think? What are the thing that were on previous versions that were arbitrary removed in the newest? And how do you replace them now?
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• Kenya
30 Nov 10
I feel the previous versionswere better than the newer versions. One thing I particularly hate is the fact that the memory requirements of the newer versions are going up every time. XP can run on any machine with 128 mb RAM, Windows 7? at least 1 gb, and it will be extremely slow. I now use a netbook that came preinstalled with Windows 7 starter, but removed it and replaced it with Ubuntu Netbook Edition. Its performance has since improved. I think it is time people started looking at other Operating Systems as replacements. Some are free, not like the overpriced Windows.