Opportunity to change our future....

@visavis (5945)
November 7, 2010 1:15am CST
Hi there, Good day to every body here in mylot. Here is my new topic for today.. enjoy. Our life here on earth whether you admit or not are full of struggle, our work, family, relationship, friends, around us, calamity, war and many more. Always in our mind asking "why happening this?", "I hope, I have lot of money so that I can do everything I want", "I wish an easy life and happy family.". A few may be admitted their life are complete, happy and contented, how about the others or the majority, what are in their minds. How about if you and me given a chance to change our future, what are those changes which are benefitted to ourself, family and our community. You know for me I wish, I have enough money to settle down with my family wayback in my country of origin. Because half of my life is working abroad I want to be with my family in the remaining years in my life, without problem the sources of our needs. How about you? Share with us you wish and dreams..... See you around.
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
7 Nov 10
Hi visavis, I agree that very few people are able to live the life that they want to live. However, is an easy life really what is best for us? We seem to learn more about life in rough times than in good times. It is good to be able to spend time with our families, especially when children are young but it isn't possible for everyone. I can understand you wanting to be with your family and I hope that you will be able to do that. At my age I no longer work on a regular job and spend most of my time at home. Happiness however, doesn't come from having a lot of money but by being content with what we have. Some people can be happy with very little while others will never be happy regardless of what they have. I send you my best wihes my friend, may you find the happiness that you desire. Blessings.
@visavis (5945)
• Philippines
7 Nov 10
thanks and somewhat I agreed with you... see you around
@saqi78 (1405)
• Malaysia
7 Nov 10
If I am given an opportunity to change my future then I ll set a big company having shares in almost all major stock markets and ll just sit back and ll enjoy my remaining life....:) Happy myLotting