What lies did your parents tell you that you fully intend to tell your children?

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November 7, 2010 9:52am CST
This question was proposed by a very intelligent friend and I wanted to see how my fellow Mylotters felt on the subject. I responded that I would establish religion in my household, regardless of my own religious beliefs, and I would encourage belief in mythical beings like the Tooth Fairy, or Santa.
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7 Nov 10
I am thinking as I type this and I can't think of one thing other than what you mentioned here. I do have one thing that my mom did that I will never do with my child. My mother got ssi checks for all of us due to my father dying. She did not tell us we had checks coming in at all. Even though my step dad argues with her about it many times. We would hear him tell her that we were old enough to know we had a check and to handle money our selves. Well,she lied and said she had to pay rent with it adn never told the rental office about those checks. My daughter is 16 and she knows every month that she gets a disability check. She knows I pay the rent with it each month. And she also gets cash every chance I can give it to her. That is one lie I could never do to my daughter. The other one was I would ask my mother if she had a $1 or $2 and she would always say she did not have any money. I would go right in her pocket book and take it out. She never knew till I got older and told her. I leave my monry out on my dresser if kk ask if I have money. I tell her that money if for xyz or either I don't have it to spare. if I do she knows to go take what I tell her and don't touch the rest. There are just some lies that will last a life time of pain. Sorry I ran on here.
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7 Nov 10
It's completely fine. I'm sorry for the pain that your mother's decisions caused you, and I hope that she had some reason that isn't completely selfish or misguided for doing it.
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7 Nov 10
Of course she did. She used the money to fund her and her married mans hotel and other spree needs. I am over it for the most part now. After 16 years he just left my mother and did not turn back. This man did nothing but use her for all she would give. Now she is old,single,and still broke.
@marguicha (112685)
• Chile
7 Nov 10
I remember my parents did not lie to me much but they did not tell me the truth on many things. I tried to do better with my own children but I think all parents are doomed to fail. Now that I´m old I say I did all I could and did it with love. My children didn´t believe in the Tooth Fairy, but as it was convenient, they faithfully put their teen under the pillow.
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7 Nov 10
Yes, some practices become ingrained, even of the accompanying belief is not present. I hope to make better choices for my children than my parents did for me, but that is a matter of course I guess.
@LittleMel (14053)
• Canada
10 Nov 10
I would teach them spirituality that I learned without family influence they will then develop their own spirituality I will not bind them to any belief or way of life that is not their own choice
@Hatley (164354)
• Garden Grove, California
8 Nov 10
hi aleczizi why the toothfairy and Santa Claus of coursr as these are not harmful and teaching children the spirit of giving with santa Claus is okay in my books. they sooner or later learn tht real truth and that is not at all harmful A little mythology was great as my adult son is fondf of mythical storires and science fiction as I am also. Hp Lovecraft and Stephen King some of my favo rite authors, My son is now 51 and will be52 in June.