crying men

@acey76 (1278)
November 7, 2010 10:51am CST
It is very common for us girls to cry ..girls are often demonstrative to what they are feeling, how about when you see men cry, what is you reaction to this, how do you find it? thus it lacks their masculinity?
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@lelin1123 (15644)
• Puerto Rico
7 Nov 10
When a man can cries without fear of being laughed at, that shows me he is more of a man with a big heart. I love a man who can cry and show his true feelings. When a man can't cry or won't cry in front of someone that shows me he is not secure in himself and his masculinity. When a man can't cry, in my opinion, he has no depth or feelings. He is usually a very cold person. I rather be with a man that can cry and be secure with alot of feelings for others.
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• Las Pinas City, Philippines
7 Nov 10
yeah youare right there lelin1123. We have the views on that. My man is sometimes crying to show his deep emotional feelings especially when he sees our son is growing so fast and doing new things, that makes him really cry. So I think man has also the right to cry without others judging them that they are loosing their masculinity coz they have feeling too. They are not stone, they have a heart too like any woman has which full of feelings and emotions too.
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• Canada
7 Nov 10
I am moved and think something very important must have happened to make them cry. It is nice to see a man cry when his child gets married. That shows how much he loves his children, that he is proud of them and will miss them.
@shibham (17025)
• India
8 Nov 10
You have pointed out the best....
@Angelwriter (1956)
• United States
8 Nov 10
I think a man who can cry is stronger than a man who can't. Because the man who can't cry because it's not manly is more worried about the image of being masculine, rather than true strength. The strength of feeling and not being afraid to say that he's human and he can feel and be hurt. There are times in life when tears are warranted and not crying at those times because it might look wrong isn't a sign of manliness to me.