what do you think of people who misuse the bible to justify their actions?

November 7, 2010 6:19pm CST
I was surfing the internet when i came across a interesting excerpt from a website discussing how over the centuries people have misunderstood or ministered the bible, and used it as a excuse to their terrible deeds. It has been used to defend against bloody crusades and tragic points in our worlds history.it was use to support slavery, the persecution of jews and other non-christian people of the faith. to stop interracial marriage and execute women as witches, and even support the ku klux klan. As Shakespeare said " Even the devil can cite scripture for his purpose."
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@afarrell1 (261)
• United States
11 Nov 10
This is the main reason why it says in the bible to study it for yourself. There are several books which warn against false teachers, people who twist the word; read the books of Peter for a start. Sadly, any message can be distorted, and you did see many of the injustices of Christianity happening when people were in the most part illiterate. The Church evolved into the very thing the scriptures warned about, that is why we had the great reformation. Notice the atrocities pretty much stopped after that (except the witch hunts - nasty greed that was) my big worry are the religions who still, even thought we are all 'enlightened' they are still using the scriptures, not only from Christianity but Islam too, to justify evil acts.
• Canada
10 Nov 10
It is a shame how people misuse the Bible for their own evil purposes. If they were lovers of God and knew God they would never do that.
• United States
8 Nov 10
Anyone can interpret the bible or any book to mean what ever they what it to mean.
• India
8 Nov 10
The Devil cited the Scripture when Jesus was tempted. Of course the Devil cited the Scripture out of context to use it for his gain. The teaches us that Scripture can be cited to justify all sorts of things; it's just that when such things are done it will be done out of context. But sometimes I think people cited Scriptures and they honestly thought that they are right at that point of time.