Does anyone know if Birejji is a scam?

November 8, 2010 6:22am CST
I recently joined Birejji, a site where you are said to earn by chatting, and i was wondering if anyone could attest to its legitimacy. While chatting today, one chatter said it seems like a scam coz she can't cash out her earnings even if she reached the threshold already. She gets an error for some reason she doesn't know as the page appears as "blank". I wouldn't want to waste so much time on a scam, so here's hoping someone could confirm this site's legitimacy or otherwise.
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@millertime (1398)
• United States
18 Mar 11
I have heard quite a few stories about people getting treated badly by birejji moderators or admin. Users say they get banned for no reason or muted without explanation or warning. All I know is that I joined the site and used it for several hours. When I returned the next day and tried to log into my account, I got an error that said no such user existed. I sent 2 requests for help to their support system and got no response to either request. I don't know why or even if my account was canceled or what happened. They totally ignored my support requests. That shows me the site is run very poorly and the people running it don't care very much for their members. I don't think they pay very much anyway so it's hardly worth anyone's time to bother with the site. They display earnings in such a deceptive way that it makes you think you are earning cents but in fact you are only earning fractions of a cent. You can spend hours and maybe earn a couple of cents. Not worth anyone's time. I wouldn't bother with them.
• Philippines
8 Jun 11
I totally agree with you and I haven't visited the site since the last lame response I got from their Admin/Moderator. Really not worth my while. ;)
• India
8 Nov 10
Its not a scam.I am there since 1 month and got paid a couple of times. I can show you proofs if you want.You just keep chatting and reach 0.25$ and you will be able to cashout.
• Philippines
8 Nov 10
appreciate ur response. at least i have 1 testimony that it does pay. :)