If you to be "Rich" today, What will you want to do first ?

@fey008 (295)
November 10, 2010 5:56am CST
Hi Mylotters, If you to be "RichMan" today, What will tou want to do first ? Would you share with the others your money ?
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@Mayuko (1272)
• United States
23 Jan 12
The first thing I'd do is deposit it in several different bank accounts (Just in case my main bank account is hacked, I don't want to lose all the money) Then, I'd use some of the money to pay off my parents' debts, as well as give them a portion of my riches. Anything else would need to be thought out very well. I'd definitely want to donate some to charities, but I want to make certain these are reputable organizations first. I'd also buy a lot of land and hire contractors and an architect so I could build my dream house.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
12 Nov 10
The first thing I would want to do is make donations to charity organizations which are helping people who suffering from various disasters around the world. I have been watching news reports on the TV about people in Haiti suffering from natural disasters and lately from cholera. They certainly need help now very badly. That would be one place for donations.
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
11 Nov 10
I'll by a house. Sure! At present, I don't have enough money, so I must rent a room.
@dodo19 (33989)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
11 Nov 10
If this was to happen, I would want to pay off the student debts that my husband and I have accumulated over the last years from our studies. It would be amazing to get rid of. I'd certainly want to share it with some of our friends and family members, especially those who like us are students, or former students, or are in bad financial situations and could use the help. I would to also be able to save of it as well. These are just some things that I would want to do.
@cripfemme (7715)
• United States
10 Nov 10
I think the first thing I would want to do is go to the dormitory at my friends school for kids with disabilities. The second thing I would want to do is pay off all the debt I have to friends who have helped me out over the years. The third thing I would want to do is pay for my friends gender reassignment surgery. Which I think should be covered by medical insurance but isn't. After that I would buy a new computer a bunch of new pants and basically be a happy person, I dont need much in the world.
• Philippines
10 Nov 10
I'm gonna buy mylot cuz it's an amazing site. I'm also gonna buy myself a nice car. Maybe a porche or a viper. I'm also gonna start a lot of businesses and see it grow. I'm gonna make it expand to be a large company and all.
@yolandae (11)
• China
10 Nov 10
It is the real question i am thinking about day by day. I think i'll buy some real estates, and to be a landlady, LOL
@jagjit273 (1740)
• India
10 Nov 10
Well First of all I want to Buy a New House on my own Name and then A new car,and then will lady In my Life as wife.As I always wanted these three things on my Own. Lets pray that i get rich Today. havea nice day
@nophie (2338)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 10
first 1. i deposit money for my study of my children 2. build a good home 3. go to mecca and madina to make hajj 4. make a good school in my circustamnces