Song's maybe chage our live's?

November 12, 2010 1:16am CST
They said if you have a favorite song it maybe it's related to you or to you're love one's. Song's maybe gave us an inspiration and we express our selves if we wrote a song's or we listened. You what is favorite song and why?
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@febrigas (362)
• Indonesia
10 Jul 11
I have many favorites song. One of them called "In my life" from the Beatles. I usually listen to songs to evoke moods, and as bedtime's friend. When I feel sad, I usually listen to the songs themed Rock, Punk, and Underground. When I feel excited, I usually prefer to listen to the songs on the theme of life. And when I was just broken up with girlfriend, I usually listen to the songs themed "Girlfriend is not everything". :D Happy MyLotting to All!
• Philippines
25 Feb 11
I've got lots of favorite songs. I love The Rainbow Connections sang by Jason Miraz. I Will (Take You Forever) by Christopher Cross. Purest of Pain is also one. What I listen to depends on my mood. :)
• Philippines
13 Nov 10
Yeah, I agree. Songs we like are related to the state of our life at the moment. We love those songs simply because we can relate to it. I do have lot of favorite songs and it depends on the life situation I am into that moment.
@joysantos (132)
• Philippines
12 Nov 10
I think the reason why we like a song is because of its meaning. Most of the time, it may be related to what we feel or what are we experiecing.
@stevanny (18)
12 Nov 10
rihanna -- take a bow its just like the story of my life, tells me about something that really i wanna do to that boys. i dont want him to apologize, i just want him know about what he did to me was so hurt. that kind of song makes me feel in..